Recently, Duff McKagan sat down with Austrailian magazine Faster Louder and was asked about Velvet Revolver.

For those wondering what's going on with the supergroup, here you have it...straight from the source...kind of.

When asked who would take Scott Weiland's place as the new front man, Duff said: “I have no idea.”

And as for the rest of the group... “Um...I think it's at nowhere. I think everybody just kind of got sick of talking about it, because there's really no guy, so there's nothing that me or Slash or Matt [Sorum] or Dave [Kushner] could say that would change the course of this question. So there's nobody now, I think the longer that Slash is out touring, and that I'm out touring, people will stop asking as much. Maybe once it's settled down, we'll find the guy.”

Duff also addressed the term "Supergroup" saying, “All bands are super. The intention is, when Slash and Matt and I were first writing songs and there was a murmur around L.A. and the music industry that we were writing songs, it wasn't called a supergroup, it was just three guys from Guns. So as soon as you add that other guy from another band, suddenly [it's a supergroup] ...I mean when I think of the word "supergroup," I'm an older guy, so I think of Asia, and that was the first time I'd ever heard the word. And we're not f*****' like Asia.”

“But it was no more intimidating playing with Slash and Matt in 2003 and 2004 when we started that thing than it was in the '90s. We're just fellas. Scott, I'd already been friends with for quite some time, so it was just another buddy. From the outside, it's like, ‘Oh my god! The superpowers are coming together,’ but it's more like ‘not really,’ but you can't really argue with that.”

So basically...they are just dudes...that don't have a lead singer at the moment...that may or may not get their "supergroup" back together. (I said he "kind of" answered the question...haha)

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