Phil Anselmo has a solo album in the works!!


According to Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down) has a solo album coming out in early 2013. It is titled 'WALK THROUGH EXITS ONLY' and will be released through his Housecore Records label.

In a recent interview with Full Metal Jackie, Anselmo says: “I got some fantastic musicians and I wrote some very, very extreme songs that I guess I’ve been wanting to do for a long time just to get ‘em out of my system.”

As for what to expect? Phil continues: “It’s really up to [the listeners] to judge, but I can’t say it’s any core or black or death or speed or anything like that – You can’t really lump it into a genre … If you wanted to call it heavy metal, I guess that would be safe but also unfair in a way.”

But you won't have to wait until next year to judge...Anselmo will be releasing TWO SONGS as part of a split release with the band WARBEAST...and you should keep your eyes out for that in late September.


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