Check out TWO new tracks from STONE SOUR!


Stone Sour is back!

In fact, you can expect TWO NEW ALBUMS coming out within the next year! The first record hits stores October 23rd titled "House of Gold and Bones Part 1". (Part 2 will be coming out in 2013)

You can hear the first two tracks from the first new album below. They are titled Gone Sovereign & Absolute Zero. Check 'em out!

Full Track Listing for House of Gold and Bones - Part 1:
1. Gone Sovereign
2. Absolute Zero
3. A Rumor of Skin
4. The Travellers Part 1
5. Tired
6. RU486
7. My Name Is Allen
8. Taciturn
9. Influence Of A Drowsy God
10. The Travellers Part 2
11. Last Of The Real

You can check out the website for the new record RIGHT HERE.

Or, visit the STONE SOUR website for more info.

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