MOTORHEAD BEER!! For "Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers"!


Motorhead are making it easy for you to party like rockstars!

Last year they launched thier own red wine (Motorhead Shiraz) and now they have their own beer!

The Motorhead beer is called BASTARDS LAGER and is brewed by Kronleins which is a Swedish brewery. At the moment, it is only available through thier site (which you can find right here).

I don't know about you, but when this gets over here to the states, I would like to drink the hell out of it...I mean...the label itself says it's for "BEER DRINKERS AND HELL RAISERS" I think you actually get cooler with each sip! hahah.

There is a pretty awesome quote from drummer Mickey Dee on that site too... it says: If you think you’re too old for Rock ’n’ Roll and to drink beer then you probably are. Pity, but that means all the more beer for us” - Mickey Dee



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