Halestorm: ReAniMate 2.0

Review by Steve Black

Halestorm's new 6 song EP is pretty strong for an all covers albums. It opens with a most interesting choice of songs; the last track on the 1977 Judas Priest album Sin After Sin. I never expected anyone to make a cover of "Dissident Aggressor" and would probably have bet that nobody in Halestorm was even aware of that song. Lzzy nails the powerful vocals and I'm sure she will get Rob Halford's blessing when he hears this version which recreates the dark energy of the original.

There are two other songs here that I'm happy to add to my collection of cover songs, which recently past the 500 song mark. "Gold Dust Woman" which seems to fit Halestorm very well, as does "Hell is For Children". Halestorm's take is a little heavier than the Pat Benatar original, and oddly this new harder version doesn't seem to fit the heavy emotional realm of the child abuse lyrics as well as the original.

"Shoot to Thrill" starts out great, and I expect it will be the favorite track on the EP for most people. I was fired up listening to it, and realizing that not many AC/DC songs are covered, then I felt like I was slapped in the face when Halestorm skipped the guitar solo. What! is that even allowed? I was so disappointed, mainly because I know they could have pulled it off or at least called in one of their high powered guitar playing friends to do it.

Cover songs are meant to be fun, and cool little EPs are a great way to connect with your fans between major albums. This is a good, but not excellent addition to my collection, except for that Judas Priest song...that is most excellent!