4th of July!

Well, it's now the Tuesday after the big 4th of July weekend, and I think I'm still in recovery mode... I'm exhausted... but that only means I did it right! Right?! I started out the holiday weekend at Lake St Clair and watched the amazing fireworks from the boat! Then I spent Saturday exploring around downtown Detroit with some friends. Went to the Eastern Market, got tacos from a bunch of different places (just to compare and see which one was the best), then ended up at the old shillelagh for the rest of the night. Then my friends and I thought it was a really awesome idea to get up really early Sunday and go kayaking in Ann Arbor all day. Well, we didn't get up as early as we wanted to.. but we still were out on river for a long time and it was a blast! I would have to say I had a pretty successful and fun weekend, and I hope you did too!