Posted 3/20/2014 1:20:00 PM

St. Patty's Day has always been a favorite holiday of mine. I mean, it's a drinking holiday. What's not to love?

This St. Patty's was an early rise for me. I got to Dooley's Roseville by 8 a.m. for Dave & Chuck's live broadcast. (I shouldn't complain because I'm pretty sure they got their at like 3 a.m.) That place was packed!! Apparently when they opened at 7:30 a.m., there was already a line at the door. Crazy kids. It was a great turn out. There was a bus running between all three of the Dooley's locations which I thought was super cool. Here's a photo of me and the Dooley's girls.

Next stop was Clancy's for Anne Carlini's broadcast... It was late enough in the afternoon for me to have a few beers, I decided. Lol. Great turn out there as well. They had a guy do some sort ...

Power Sports and Boats

Posted 3/16/2014 1:09:00 PM

Busy weekend!

Saturday, I was out at Rosenau Powersports in Dearborn Heights. They had tons of dirtbikes, fourwheelers, riding gear... Sweet shop. I used to ride fourwheelers and dirtbikes when I was younger, so I have a bit of appreciation for Motocross. Story time! When I was 9 years old (fourth grade), my dad called me out of school early to surprise me with a brand new Yamaha TTR 90!  (Lil' baby dirtbike, for those who don't know.) I was ecstatic. Total tomboy when I was younger. I think I ended up crashing that thing ... five or so times. Lol. I eventually upgraded to my older brother's Yamaha Blaster (ATV). I'd kill for another one.

Back to Rosenau... They had a bunch of dudes from the Yamaha riding team.. I got some signed posters for a friend of mine's kid because he's super into MX.

Sunday was the Spring Boating ...


Posted 3/11/2014 1:18:00 PM

Just hit up Autorama this weekend for the first time ever... I've been to the Auto Show, but never Autorama. I was originally scheduled to go there Friday as well as Sunday, but they switched me to the golf show on Friday. So I just headed down Sunday. (Not much traffic on Sunday afternoons.. Score.) I have to say I think I prefer Autorama over the Auto Show. The cars were so much more unique. Especially downstairs with all of the hot rods. I got to sit inside a car  modeled after the Gone in Sixty Seconds car. (LOVE that movie.) I also sat on a really cool hot pink Breast Cancer Awareness motorcycle. Apparently, the guy who created it was friends with ex-Riff Rock Girl, Stacey. (Hey girl. Lol.) I was sad there weren't any VW buses downstairs. There was an old Ford van, but. VW buses are my ...


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