Last Solo event!
Posted 5/19/2014 1:41:00 PM

Yesterday, WRIF and I headed to Wilson Marine in Brighton, my hometown! Of course it takes an entire year for Riff to host an event in Brighton. Lol. It was a blast!

The Wilson Marine guys took us down to the water and gave us a boat ride on this crazy fast speed boat. (I forget the name of it.) It was beautiful! They do demo rides every Saturday, so if you're interested in a new boat or just wanna experience the thrill of a speed boat ride, head over to Wilson Marine in Brighton!! Right AFTER we got off the boat, it started to rain. It was like fate. They had a Go-Pro camera hooked up on the boat and then interviewed us after our rides... I imagine it'll be up on their website in the next couple days. I'll have to remember to go check that out.

Finals Party is TOMORROW NIGHT!! How crazy is that?? Last day at the station is today... So very bitter sweet. I choked up a little recording my update. Lol. What a baby.

See you at the Hard Rock!!!!

xo Lyndsey

Posted By: Lyndsey C.