Monday ramblings.. Zero sense of direction.. Alice in Chains
Posted 8/29/2013 12:45:00 PM

Happy Monday. “Sunday Funday”s aren’t so fun when you wake up Monday morning with a raging headache. Coffee and the lack of getting ready (i.e. the messy bun on my head) has helped immensely. I’m an advocate of making not-so-great decisions like going to the bar on Sunday nights because I’m young and adventure creates stories and stories are gold for writers like myself. Unfortunately, nothing noteworthy happened yesterday. No gold, just a not-so-great decision.

So last Friday (not the one that just happened but the one before that), Andy and I made the trek to Comerica where we were to enjoy an afternoon of baseball with Dave & Chuck The Freak. It was a listener event, and one lucky winner got to throw out the first pitch. Super cool. Andy and I tend to ride together because Andy’s funny so I don’t mind playing chauffeur. The best part of Rock Girl/Andy carpools is that Andy is from Ohio and doesn’t know his way around Detroit, and I’m from Brighton—which is no excuse—I just don’t know my way out of a box. (I think that’s the saying I’m looking for.) We hop in the car, and I plug our destination into the GPS. I depend on my GPS to get anywhere. I would literally drive to Wisconsin if that’s where my GPS said I need to go. It doesn’t always guide me down the best paths, so according to everyone, Andy and I took the most unsafe route to the stadium. Past 7mile? No idea. I’m all bright-eyed and bushy tailed gazing around at the nice people sitting on their stoops, meanwhile Andy is fearing for his life. We survived, got on some freeway, and entered Corktown. “Your destination is on your right.” Hm. An abandoned field. I apparently typed in Tiger’s Stadium, the old baseball stadium, without thinking and that’s exactly where I allowed my GPS to take me. Quick thinking, I tell Ohio native Andy, “Yep, 7 minutes away,” get back on the freeway and don’t tell a single soul I typed in “Tiger’s Stadium” and followed all directions without thinking a thing about the fact that we were headed nowhere near where we actually needed to be. Still haven’t told anyone.

A cool thing that happened recently... SATURDAY was Uproar Festival, and I got to go backstage and meet the guys from Alice in Chains. See attached photo. They played a phenomenal show, as did Jane's Addiction. Coheed & Cambria reminds me of middle school and I envy Claudio Sanchez's hair.

Welp. Farewell,
xo Rock Girl

Posted By: Lyndsey C.