Kid Rock.. Festivals... Rock Girl gon' be riding a motorcycle..
Posted 8/19/2013 12:09:00 PM

What’s going on in Rock Girl World? Hmm..

Kid Rock is gearing up for his 8th show at DTE tomorrow. I’ll be there beforehand helping out with Kid Rock karaoke. I’ve been trying to spread the word about said karaoke because it’s so easy—and you could win front row tickets. I’m an awful singer, but if I didn’t work for WRIF, I’d be up there rocking out to my own rendition of Cowboy at least. I was there the first show and I’ve gotta tell you—the people-watching material at those shows is fantastic. $4 beers. $15/$20 t-shirts. Cheap food. Basically, it’s a hot mess. On a serious note, I respect Kid Rock for what he did with these shows. Concert ticket prices have become outrageous—you’re  paying an arm and a leg for upper bowl tickets at the Joe to see Lady Gaga or some crap. Not to dog Lady Gaga, she does her thing. She’s an entertainer. Just not my cup of tea. Getting back on track—Kid Rock is a good man doing what he is for Detroit. A Bad Ass lager rep was telling me how Kid is opening up a brewery to help bring jobs to Detroit and letting other local Michigan beers brew out of their facility. I’ve been meaning to read more about that.

Lots of festivals coming up… Uproar is this weekend at DTE featuring Alice in Chains, Jane’s Addiction, Coheed & Cambria, Circa Survive… Walking Papers… Danko Jones… Middle Class Rut… New Politics… The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show… The Dead Daisies… Beware of Darkness… Charming Liars… and last but not least, Mindset Evolution. I know the first four of what I just named. BUT, I love hearing new music and experiencing new bands so this should be a good time. We’re doing a promo where WRIF winners get to head backstage for a BBQ with Alice in Chains. Fingers crossed I get to head back, too.

Big news—I’m getting my motorcycle endorsement!! Through Biker Bob’s Rider’s Edge classes out of the Taylor location. I’m overly excited about that. Next step will be saving up for a motorcycle. Gulp. I’ve been told I could find a decent one for around $1G. My dad, of course, just spent 20 minutes trying to talk me out of actually buying a motorcycle when I’m done with the classes. Doesn’t make much sense to me given he rode a motorcycle practically his whole life. I suppose it’s because I’m his little girl. His whole thing is how inattentive other cars are when it comes to motorcycles—cars don’t always look out for them, run them off the road, etc. BUT, we’ll see.

Alright. Rock girl, out.

Posted By: Lyndsey C.