Birthday, success.
Posted 7/1/2013 1:25:00 PM

My actual birthday was Thursday. I met some friends out for some afternoon drinks, and then met my family out in Novi at Mongolian BBQ for some stir fry heaven. Mongolian is in my definite top 3 places to eat, right up there with Benihana’s and Sushi Zen. Thank you to everyone who came out to Dooley’s Thursday night, it was a great kick start to my birthday weekend. I swear I drank every type of booze made, including tequila. And Fireball. I don’t even know what type of booze Fireball is, I just know it contributed to my headache the next morning.

Saturday was my big hometown bday bash. I dubbed it "Operation: Blackout," for obvious reasons, and because I said everyone had to wear black. Opposite of an "All White" party. We ain't fancy. I was an hour late, no surprise there. It was an awesome turn out- all of my closest friends showed up, including ones I hadn’t seen in forever. Lots of shots, and even more dancing. I danced my ass off. I don’t usually dance unless I’ve got some liquid confidence in me. I had plenty. A friend of ours who works at the bar offered to drive us home so we didn’t have to take a cab. That was nice. Two of my other friends took a cab home to their house, he forgot his phone in the cab, and had to pay $20 for the cab driver to drive it back to them. Haha. Hahaha.

Sunday was recovery. What I love most about my friends is that when we go out at night, majority of us get back together in the morning for breakfast so we can all play hangover-mode together. Highlight of the morning was my friends Emily and Sarah taking turns laughing at each other when the other threw up.

My friend Emily calls, “Sarah’s puking. Wanna go to breakfast?” Sarah in the background: “F--- you, Emily.”

We all gathered ourselves, about 8 of us, and met at Cheryl’s Place (fantastic breakfast food). Ten minutes in, Sarah starts clapping loudly as Emily stands up with a look of utter defeat and goes to the bathroom. Little later on, Sarah stands up and leaves the restaurant entirely. Emily is in fits of laughter.

“Where’s Sarah going?”
“To puke in the woods.”

We all finish up breakfast, and both my car and Sarah’s car head toward my house because Emily’s car is still there. We’re following Sarah’s car but they’re a ways ahead so we lose sight of them. All of a sudden, we see a pulled over car with hazards on- “Whoa, watch out.” We look, it’s Sarah’s car- she’s leaning out the door puking her brains out while Emily is crying laughing. We honk, point, and laugh too. They said seconds after we passed, a cop pulled over and asked if everything is okay. “Yes, officer.” He also laughed at her, and then pulled away.

We ended recovery day with a trip to Sushi Zen for some AMAZING sushi and then went and saw “The Heat.” I’m a huge Sandra Bullock fan, and an even bigger Melissa McCarthy fan- I was not disappointed. That movie was so funny. Hilarious. I recommend it.

I realize now majority of this blog is TMI. But I couldn’t help it. I suppose I have a crude sense of humor. I’m the “laugh when somebody falls” type.

Today, it’s back to work. Looking forward to a four-day holiday weekend! Thursday, Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday off. I’m sure some quality blogging material will come of that.

Enjoy your week, people!
xo Lyndsey

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