First Ever Beer Fest Attendance: Overview
Posted 6/24/2013 1:04:00 PM

How have I never been to a Beer Fest before? You pay for your ticket (mine was given to me, even better), they give you 25 tickets, a sampling cup, and a pat on the ass: "Have fun now, kids." It was heaven. This one was Second Annual Summer Beer Fest in downtown Detroit at Campus Martius, which is one bad ass location. It was in the middle of the city- you can look up and see the Ren Center. There was food, live music, clothing venues..

First beer I went for was obvious and extremely cliche'.. WRIF Lager. It's good though, I'm not a suck-up. I'm a Bud Light drinker, so WRIF Lager is light enough for me, yet has a ton of flavor. My goal was to try 25 different beers. I did not try 25 beers. I gave it a valiant effort, though.

In the midst of my beer sampling, Metldown had me play a game (in front of an audience) that made me thankful I was sober and not a sloppy mess like some of my fellow Beer Fest goers. The game was sponsored by Menard's and dated back to some year that I don't remember in Germany. There were several nails in a tree stump and you took turns with your fellow competititors trying to drive your nail into the stump. Apparently in Germany they use an ax instead of a hammer which made me very thankful I was not in Germany.

Back to my beer drinking.. I tried Sam Adams Cherry Chocolate Bock which I, up until a Google Search 30 seconds ago, was certain was made by Angry Orchard. It was not. It was pretty good. Super thick, though. I wouldn't want to drink a whole one.

Another highlight of the evening was trying my first IPA. (I talk a lot of shit about being some pro-beer-drinker and have never tried an IPA. I get it. You shut your mouth.) It was by Atwater. Don't know what it was called, but I do know it tasted like what skunk (or marijuana) smells like, which apparently is normal. Not exactly my cup of tea (or beer, get it?) but I'd be willing to give it another a try.

I finished off my evening drinking go-to beers that I knew I'd enjoy.. Angry Orchard Crisp Apple.. Blue Moon.. And then I gave my remaining tickets to some dude. I did cover some serious ground though. I'm prepped and ready for next Beer Fest.

Adios, homies.
xo Lyndsey

Posted By: Lyndsey C.