Ready for Bikes and Bikinis!!!
Posted 4/15/2013 12:46:00 PM

I hope you all had a great weekend!! It’s a beautiful day!!!

I know I had a very good weekend! Did any of you go to the Made in the America Roadshow? If you didn’t, you missed out!! There were some really AWESOME vendors there and everyone had samples!! Plus it’s all made in good ol’ America!! Hehe! Luckily I didn’t leave there too broke! Haha!

I’m so excited for all the weddings this fall and the two I’m standing up in! Tonight I’m meeting with one of the brides and the other bridesmaids to plan the engagement party. And then on Saturday I’m getting fitted for my dress with another bridal party! Of course there will be drinks after! Haha!! I like stuff like that and hanging with the girls!!

Now…what to do on this gorgeous day!! I’d forgotten what the sun looked like!!! I’m ready to lay out! Haha…well..maybe not YET! But soon!!





Posted By: juliet