Posted 4/9/2013 1:14:00 PM

Opening day was a success!!! The weather was beautiful and the Fillmore was nuts!!! I had so much fun!!  Not to mention I love my new Made in Detroit zip up in Tiger’s colors!! Yay!!! Oh…and Tigers beat the damn Yankees!!

Saturday I got to go to the Pinball Expo at Oakland University!! It was probably my second time playing Pinball, and, well…I’m not very good! Haha either way it was a blast! Screamin’ Scott had a few of his machines on display for people to play. His were pretty popular! I had a great time there with everyone.

Later on in the evening was our Smirnoff party at Albert’s on the Alley! Although it’s a bit of a drive for me, our parties there are ALWAYS fun! Everyone there is always up for a good time, and I handed out quite a few of my 2013 calendars!

Well we’ve had a couple decent days but I’m still waiting for that weather to break!!! Can’t wait to bust out the bikinis again!!! And add to my 30+ collection!! Haha!



Posted By: juliet