Swamp People and a Swim in the Detroit River!
Posted 2/19/2013 11:52:00 AM

That was SOME weekend!!!! I was just thinking how funny that my response to someone asking what I did over the weekend was “Oh you know, I hung out with the Swamp People and jumped into theDetroit River!” Hahaha! Friday I did an interview with Tommy and Joe from History Channel’s Swamp People, which you can view right here on my page! Then later we took them out to dinner with some listeners. Those guys were really cool and we all had a great time! Especially later when we went and saw that Van Halen tribute band! Haha!

Then on Saturday was the day I’d been gearing up for!! The Polar Plunge!!! It was terrible!! Haha! But I am so glad I did it!! Especially when I remember what a great cause it’s for. But man some of those people are crazy! Walking around in their wet clothes afterwards like it’s nothing! I wish I was like them!! But a huge thank you to everyone at the Special Olympics and everyone that participated and donated!!!! You can watch that video right here on my page as well!

Did you know you can win a guitar lesson with Mark Tremonti?!? I’m a huge Tremonti fan so I’ll be jealous of whoever wins!! Hahaha get all the details HERE. They will be at the Crofoot on Thursday!



Posted By: juliet