Paczki Eating, Beer Drinking Fun!!
Posted 2/11/2013 12:47:00 PM

We still need your help with the Special Olympics Detroit Polar Plunge!! I really want to wear the bikini, but our donations are lookin’ kinda on the low side! (Thank you so much to everyone that’s donated!!!) Click here for details and to make donations. It all benefits the Special Olympics!

I went over to Atwater Brewery last week for a little photo shoot! I posted one of the pics here! You may be wondering why I did a photo shoot at Atwater Brewery, and, well, you should find out soon enough!!

I went to The Used concert yesterday and it was awesome!! Some of you may know that I am a We Came As Romans fan by the bracelet I’m always wearing. Gotta give those boys props for making direct support for The Used AND they’re fromTroy,Michigan! Yay! I also discovered how good Crown the Empire is! The one thing I really enjoyed about The Used is they did not use backing tracks! I couldn’t believe it, since that’s become so common these days. Everyone wants to hear the band sound the same live as they do on CD, and well I’m not one of those people! I thought it rocked!!!

Absolutely CANNOT wait to eat pierogies and paczkis tomorrow for Fat Tuesday! Join Anne Carlini and myself at New Dodge Bar inHamtramckfor some Fat Tuesday festivities!!!





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