Wings Home Opener+Manson!!
Posted 1/22/2013 12:05:00 PM

I hope most of you had a three day weekend and enjoyed it! I know I did! Even though it was like -423892 degrees! Ok not that cold but it very well could have been. Ha!

I had a super fun weekend! Saturday I saw a few of my favorite local bands including Core Effect and No Resolve at the Crofoot! It was a blast! I even made it in time for the end of my sister’s birthday party in Utica! In my rush to get there, I’d forgotten to get a picture of her and me! I hate that! Haha oh well, maybe next time.

Sunday I showed up for the filming of No Resolve’s music video and modeled a little bit for my favorite clothing line Unlocal! I can’t wait to see those pictures and share them with you, as well as the music video!

Yesterday I went to the gun range and fired a few rounds for the first time ever! It’s more difficult than you’d think, but by the end I pretty much had it down! I’ll definitely have to go again! It’s strange because it’s stressful, but a stress reliever at the same time! I really enjoyed it! (Between all the live music and the gun firing, my ears are shot!)

BUT that doesn’t mean I’m not super excited for Marilyn Manson tonight at the Fillmore! It’s too bad the Wings Home Opener and Manson are on the same night! But I’ll be at Cobo Joes before the game to give away the last pair of tickets and key that could unlock the Joe! And of course I’ll be at the Joe for the opening!

I hope to see you all out there either at Cobo Joes, The Fillmore or both!!!



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