Polar Plunge!!
Posted 1/15/2013 2:28:00 PM

Boy is the time flying by!!! I can’t believe the search for 2013 Rock Girl has already begun! It feels like I just got here!! Better make the next few months count!!!

Here are some pictures from the Ultimate Fishing Show last Saturday! It was interesting to say the least! Alright I didn’t like the bobbing for trout competition! I felt bad for the fish!! Hahaha I know, I know. They’re “JUST FISH”. I can’t help it I guess haha.

I’m trying to get geared up for the Polar Plunge next month! It’s easy to say I’m going to jump into a freezing cold river, but another thing to actually do it! I mean, I don’t even like jumping in the lake in the summer if it’s a little cold! AHHH!! If I raise enough money for the Special Olympics I definitely will do it! I’m in the process of setting up the donation page, and all help would be greatly appreciated. My goal is $500! More details to follow…

XOXO Juliet

Posted By: juliet