LOG and R4T!!
Posted 12/3/2012 11:48:00 AM

What a weekend!

 Saturday was the Lamb of God concert with Hellyeah and In Flames and obviously it was amazing!! I even got to meet the guys in LOG!! How awesome is that??? I’ve been wanting to see LOG but I had no idea I’d get to meet them!

 Sunday was the 5th Annual Rock 4 Tots! I was not expecting the turnout we got!! The place was packed all day and night! I mean PACKED! I’m curious as to how much money was raised and how many toys were donated! I’d just like to thank everyone who came out and everyone who made the event possible including the bar and all employees!! I had sooo much fun!! What a great idea to have all those local bands play like that! I’d like to do stuff like that more often; it really gets the community together!! And what a great cause!! If you didn’t go, you honestly missed out! It’s something I’ll be attending every year!

 This week I’ll be at the Lady Jane’s Grand Opening inNovion Wednesday from6-8pm! Come say hi and get your hairs cut! Haha!

 Thursday is our Dooley’s Party we have every Thursday at Dooley’s inRoseville! It’s a lot of fun and THE place to be every Thursday! I better see you there!!





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