CRAZY Fun Week!!
Posted 7/24/2012 10:09:00 AM

So a lot has happened in the last few days!  It’s been such an awesome week!!

Saturday was the Berville Lion’s Festival. I really didn’t know what to expect but when I got there I saw the big mud track and a bunch of monster trucks. Next thing I know, they load me up in a big red and white Ford pickup monster truck and I’m getting ready to go mud bogging!!  It was my first time experiencing this and although I’ve been to monster jam, I was a bit nervous! Imagine that! Haha! But it was really fun and over all too soon. I had no idea so many people did this as a hobby! So THAT was cool!!!

Sunday, as some of you know, was my birthday!! And what a birthday it was! Mayhem Fest was nuts!!! I couldn’t believe how PACKED it was at DTE!! Which of course made it all the more fun!  What an awesome line up it was and a couple bands surprised me by how good they were. Asking Alexandria was not bad even though I didn’t have very high hopes for them and same with The Devil Wears Prada! I loved it!

Later on I met up with Harlan from the Monsters of Rock Show, and I was lucky enough to go back stage and sit in on his interviews with Motorhead and Slayer.  How awesome is that?!? GOTTA love my job!! Motorhead was funny!  They’re all pretty old and have been doing this for soooo long. Lemmy wanted me to sit on his lap during the interview hahaha. Next to him on the couch was close enough I decided haha.

Next was Kerry King from Slayer. He wasn’t as laid back as Motorhead, but definitely still cool. And I love that I got a photo with him! Soooo awesome!!!!! Not to mention Slayer is BAD ASS!! I got to go up close during their set too!!!

And of course Slipknot stole the show!! I was soooo excited to see them, since I never had before!! What an awesome show they put on!!! Not once are any of them out of character up there, it’s really more than just a rock show.  I just had SO much fun on Sunday!!!

Last night was our first Bike Night at Albert’s on the Ally, and I’d say it was a success! And I expect it will be even better next week. We did some fun games to give away STP tickets and everyone was really into it! AND they even surprised me with a surprise cake with candles AND a birthday tiara.  AWWW hehe I loved it!!!!!!!

 I also want to say thank you again to everybody for all the birthday wishes!!!!!!

Enjoy this warm, sunny Tuesday!!



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