Riff2's Local Lowdown Playlist 1.28.14


Riff2's Local Lowdown Playlist 1.28.14

Below is the playlist from Tuesday night's Local Lowdown on Riff2! Tune in every Tuesday night at 10pm for two hours of Pure Michigan music with your host Lynn Koon! If you're in a local band send us your mp3's! Email Lynn: lynn@wrif.com! Find the Local Lowdown on Facebook HERE!


The Most Powerful Weapon-Maybe
Open 24 Hours- Breathe
Scarecrow Jones- 4am
Brother Apollo- Everything Burns
Sponge- Life's Bitter Pills
The Romeo Flynns- That Ain't The Motor City
Voyag3r- Victory In The Battle chamber
Mexican Knives- Down To Hell
Gift Giver- Chatterbox
Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas- Demons
Intra Meridian- Wish You Were Here
The Gutter Ghouls- Shallow Graves
Otto Vector- Charlie Mix
Ready Set Reset- Obvious
Bars Of Gold- Coffee With Pele
Artificial Agent- Turbo Slut
Repella- Say Goodbye
Evening In Red- Street Lights
The Blue Squares- It's No Wonder
Earl Grey- Seasick In a Car
Vox Vera- Rocket ship
Johnny No Stars- Untied
Megyn Hermez- Mary Jane
What Happened In Vegas- Closet Doors
The Prime Eights- Vitamin Dee Ft Ty Stone & Chief
The Bronze Way- The Legend
Mud Suns- Loudermilk
Captain Ivory- False Remedy
Of Mice & Musicians- Livin Right
Short On Shame- Red, White and Black
The Ashleys- Joanna










by: Jade Springart

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