Riff2's Local Lowdown Playlist 9.24.13


Riff2's Local Lowdown Playlist 9.24.13:

Below is the playlist from Tuesday night's Local Lowdown with Lynn Koon! Tune in each and every Tuesday at 10pm for two hours of commercial free LOCAL music! If you're in a Pure Michigan band then send your tunes to Lynn at lynn@wrif.com! You can also find The Local Lowdown on FACEBOOK

Six Months Gone - I Am Burning 

Ana- Make Her Sing

3 Phase - Breath

Soul Divide - Wait No More

XXX CAR RIDE - Getaway 

Brother Apollo - Untitled 

Belle Ghoul - Free Ride

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - If You Didn't See Me

Bulletproof Snow - What Comes Next

The Most powerful Weapon - Over

Eliza Neals - Love Hurts More

Sunlight Ascending - The Dhanbad Rails 

Hit Society - All day

Dark Wave - Bleed 

I Love Lightning Bugs - Not The Hopeless Kind

Ana - Zero 

Short On Shame - Red White & Black 

Break Anchor - August 

Animus & Invisoman- Standing Bull

Seven Story Fall - Sing To Me 

Flight Of fire - Diary Of A Broken Heart 

Duck Tape Mummies - Man Who Ate Detroit 

Varion - Darkness Meets The Light 

Core effect - Line Of Sand 

Fifth Way - Stomping Ground 

Otto Vector - Charlie Mix

Jackie Stahl & The White Russians - Girlfriend 

The Paper Sound - My Turn

Chocking Susan - I Wanna be Your fake girlfriend

Shudder - Change 

Ryan Scott - Blue Collar


by: Jade Springart

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