Ryan Scott Remakes Macklemore Into Detroit Inspiring Tune "Blue Collar"


Detroit's Ryan Scott Remakes Macklemore's "Same Love" Into Detroit Inspiring Tune:

Detroit has a bad rep. Which isn't anything new. It's going to take some honest, hard-working people to make a change, and we can only hope there are enough people out there who support the city to make this happen. Detroit has a ton of amazing features and despite what people might think around the world, we have something to be proud of. I'm not just talking about the Lion's 2-1 start to the season. Detroit is full of inspiration, beauty and integrity, and it might be a slow process but change is happening. 

There are tons of young people making their way into the city on a daily basis spreading their dreams, and Ryan Scott is one of them. He's remade Macklemore's "Same Love" into an inspirational story about Detroit called "Blue Collar" featuring Katelyn Torres. Check it out below! If this song doesn't inspire you to go downtown and support some of the most creative people around & one of the most hard-working cities in the world, then maybe Detroit isn't the town for you. Because the people who are here, have it in them to show the world what Detroit, Michigan is really about! 

After you watch the video take some time to really explore Detroit and see its many beauties. Maybe visit the DIA, head down to Hockeytown's Brew Haha this Saturday or check out the Heidelberg project. Learn why it means so much to say Detroit Rock City is your hometown! 

You can get a free download of "Blue Collar" by clicking HERE and a copy of Ryan's latest mixtape, Final Exam, HERE












by: Jade Springart

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