Local Lowdown Playlist 8.19.14

Local Lowdown Playlist 8.19.14

Kougaran- Prisoner Of Love

Shudder- Change

Shotgun Soul- Boom Boom

Robin Horlock- So Far Away

6Prong paw- Karmatic Delicacy

Alexis- Secret Side Of Me

Cybertrybe- Black Ocean

Cradle The Fall- Going Steady

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.- If You Didn't See Me

White Shag- Die For Me

Unlimited Head- High Time For Sunshine

The Omni Band- Never Ending Winter

The Infatuations- Box of Shells

The Black Dahlia Murder- A Vulgar Picture

Touch The Clouds- It Is Ours

The Dives- Second Man

Ana Kills- Drop Your Weapon and The Coffin

Jackstand- Frwaky Spider

Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas- Big Town

La Dispute- For Mayor In Splitsville

Otto Vector- Charlie Mix

Phantasmagoria- Two Worlds

Scarecrow Jones- 4am

The Crane Wives- How To Rest

Sean Earle- Its Only Love

Shock Wave- Hey Kid

Six and the Sevens- Twisted

The Cold Wave- Hide For Your Life

Unkafester- Unkafester

Broken Day machine- Dance Of The Dead