Local Lowdown Playlist 8.5.14

Local Lowdown Playlist 8.5.14

Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas- Demons

Silent Lions- Space In Time

Kaleido- Forever Together

Seven Birds one Stone- Dance And Stroll

The Sugar Clouds- Nothing Stays The Same

The Bruised Reed- Next Year

Royal hoax- Shiver shake

Beggars- Us Dudes Wee Get So Rad

Gone By Sunset- Better Late Than Never

23 EXP- Food

The Most Powerful Weapon- Maybe

Zander Michigan- I Ain't Never Going Back

Awesome Jarvis & The Whales- People who Died

Angry Hornets- OuttaSite

Hit Society- She Said

The Better Fight- Reckless

SycAmour- Renaissance

Ryan Scott- The Kid is Back

Lions Denn- Swag Up

Tunde Olaniran

Mick Madness- Most High

The Romeo Flynns- Got my Eyes On You

Until The End- A Hundred Lies

The Paper Sound- Broken Smile

The Muggs- Doc Mode

Touch The Clouds- New End Anthology

The Story So Far- Right Here

The Whiskey Charmers- Neon Motel Room

Megyn Hermez- Mary Jane

Meet Me At The Skyline- Worst Tap Dancing Tragedy Since 1904

Break Anchor- Gone

Captain Ivory- Sister Sadness