Local Lowdown Playlist 7.15.14

The Paper Sound- Find Your Voice

The Mud Suns- We Are Dead

Alex Winston- 101 Vultures

The Hounds Below- Cumberlands Crumbling

Captain Ivory- Tennessee Approximately

The Mike Leslie Band- Nothing To Lose

Bulletproof Snow- This Emptiness

Brilliant Violence- Spiritual Forest

Kaleido- Forever Together

Alexis- Gold star

Asher Perkins- Not Here

Ana Kills- Drop Your Weapon & The Coffin

Know Lyfe- Oceans

Artificial Agent- Master Blaster

She Screams Of Royalty- Coptimus Prime

Betty Cooper- Mirror

Bars Of Gold- Coffee With Pele

Animus And Invisoman- Standing Bull

Frequency 54- Secrets

Oscillating Fan Club- The Cynical Nature

Infatuations- Down Jefferson

Awesome Jarvis & The Whales- Touch It Up

Unlimited Head- High Time For Sunlight

The Kodaks- Lynn

Secret Twins- Hands Up

The Most Powerful Weapon- Pages

SycAmour- Renaissance

Come Out Fighting- Envy The Dead

The Dhanbad Rails- Sunshine

Voyag3r- Victory In The Battle Chamber