Local Lowdown Playlist 6.24.14

Local Lowdown Playlist 6.24.14

Amp Fiddler- Hey Joe

James Linck- New Nostalgia

Lions Denn- Spazzin Out

Lions Denn- Swag up

Flint Eastwood- Secretary

Dead In 5- Eye On Eye Detroit

Dead In 5- The War Ruin

Amy Gore & Her Valentines- Cadillac

Cold For June- Seeing

Underland- Naked Erased

Underland- Hatewater

Catechize- Expectations

Electric Six- I Am Detroit

The Crane Wives- How To Rest

Broken Day Machine- The Fool

The Ill Itches- Lucille

6 Prong Paw- Question

We Came As Romans- Hope

Touch the Clouds- Virginia

Mike Leslie Band- Embers

Mod orange- Simple is, Simple Be

Until The End- A Hundred Lies

Overstone- Cordial Bane

Ron Ryan- Crazy

Of Mice And Musicians- Livin Right

Outshine- Same old Road

Outshine- Dropped

Not Without A Fight- Live In The moment

Come Out Fighting- Die Young (Cover)

Mexican Knives- Down To Hell

Darling Down- Pressure FT Stephen Richards

Royal Hoax- Shiver Shake