Local Lowdown Playlist 6.3.14

Local Lowdown Playlist 6.3.14

The Sound Logic- Shores

Touch The Clouds- It Is Ours

The Muggs- Doc Mode

The Pounders- Miles Away

Ded By Dezine- Bad Girls

Laid In Stone- On The Horizon

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.- War Zone

Dirty Americans- Car Crash

Woven Tangles Ft. Tino- Riverbend

Christy & The Professors- Flare

Tunde Olaniran- Brown Boy

1592 Ft. JJ. Thomas- Kiss Me

Alex Winston- 101 Vultures

The High Strung- On Your Feet

Ryan Dillaha & The Miracle Men- Detroit City

The Good Things- Wasting Time

Sean Earle- It's Only Love

At The Hands Of Victims- Twelve gauge

La Dispute- For Mayor In Splitsville

Red Stone Souls- Bad Man's Blues

Varion- When Darkness Meets The Light

Edsel Very- Flower Coward

Ready Set Reset- Obvious

Frankie D'Angelo- So Damn Cold

Carolyn Striho- Word Attack

Silent Lions- Crash & Burn

Seven Birds One Stone- Lost Minds

Eprom Colony- Push Over

Suburban Syndicate- Understood

Nothing For now- Before You Fall