• The Weekly Reveal: Episode 18

    This week on the Weekly Reveal special guest Erica Banas joins Jade and Anne for the whole show discussing what would happen if there really was a zombie outbreak, if the world would be a better place if we ran it, peeps flavored milk, Record Store Day, Dimebag Darrell, Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions and what's happening in Detroit! Read More
  • Saturday Night School Session Interview DMC

    Dirty White from Riff2 Sat down with the King of Rock, DMC from the legendary Run DMC for a nice little chat... Listen to it below! Read More
  • The Weekly Reveal: Episode 17

    This week Anne & Jade review the Oscar awards and bring on special guest Erica Banas to discuss Madonna at the Brit awards, Billy Corgan and Kanye, U2 and Apple and a Swedish man's addiction to heavy metal. Plus they talk about what's happening in Detroit & sports! Read More
  • Nerdradio on Riff2 took an arrow to the knee

    It's the in studio return of Jefferson as Chuck geeks out over SpiderGwen, the Transformers revealed at Toyfair in NY a few weeks ago, and mispronounces the name of the makers of Fallout and Skyrim. Read More
  • The Weekly Reveal: Episode 16

    This week Anne & Jade tackle the record breaking cold weather, Eddie Murphy & SNL 40, along with their final Oscar pick, facts about the Oscars, the new bridge to Canada, Tigers spring training and more on the Weekly Reveal! Read More
  • Nerdradio on Riff2 Multiplayer experience

    This week Jefferson gets an opportunity to check out Evolve on the Xbox One, we revisit Chuck's interview with Jay Fosgitt and Ray stops by for a conversation on the Road to Wrestlemania. It's Nerdradio on Riff2 every Wednesday night at 10PM! Read More
  • The Weekly Reveal: Episode 15

    This week on the Weekly Reveal Anne & Jade review the Grammy's, discuss the future of Brian Williams, and more in celebrity gossip. Plus there's new TV technology that can hear when you speak and would you put Facebook in your will? All this and more on the Weekly Reveal! Read More
  • Epic Nerdradio on Riff2 rematch

    Andrew the man Expert stops by to talk about recent developments in DC comics, Jefferson gets into a new TV Show and Chuck tries to even the score with Jefferson in another game of Magic the Gathering in tonight's episode. Read More
  • The Weekly Reveal: Episode 14

    On this week's episode of the Weekly Reveal, Jade & Anne discuss the latest celebrity gossip about Bruce Jenner, Bobbi Kristina, Val Kilmer and Brian Williams! They also discuss their next Oscar pick, the upcoming Grammy awards, the first plus-size Sports Illustrated model, their review of Super Bowl 49 & more! Read More
  • Super Chibi Nerdradio on Riff2

    Jefferson talks about his tabletop RPG character and Chuck interviews Dominic publisher and writer of Mess Bucket Comics and Brian from local comic book store, Detroit comics. All that and an update on what anime series the boys have been watching in this weeks episode of Nerdradio on Riff2 Read More

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