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Triple Black


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Vehicle Make Dodge
Vehicle Model Challenger
Vehicle Year 1971
Vehicle Edition R/T
Engine 440 Disguised as a 383
Why does your Muscle Car Rock? I found the car just outside of Boston Mass in '05. The car lived as a race car most its life, so it had issues...started the resto (myself) on November 1, 2005 and finished July 23, '06. Brought it back to 90% stock, it was born with a 383, but has a 440 in it now (the original motor is on the engine stand), put the A/C back in, and so on. Has a couple of aftermarket pieces, but mostly stock. This Chally has docs and all and was born a Triple Black machine!
Submitted by Gian Moriconi from Shelby Twp On 12/28/2009

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