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Bike Make AIH
Bike Model Texas Chopper
What makes your bike rock? trying to explain why? u ride to a person who doesn't ride is not possible.. it'd be much easier trying to describe sex to a virgin.. words cannot quite express it..
Submitted by Kelly S Parrish from Clinton Township On 7/22/2011  · This has been rated 60 times.

Defensive Rider

The State of Michigan requires motorcyclists to receive a motorcycle endorsement before they are legally able to ride a motorcycle. In order to obtain a motorcycle endorsement, motorcyclists must take vision and written knowledge tests at a Secretary of State's office. Once that has been done, they are required to pass a skills test from either a rider skills testing organization or successfully pass a certified motorcycle safety course. With certificate in hand, new bikers must simply return to the Secretary of State's office in order to obtain the CY endorsement. While endorsed bikers are not required to take additional courses, I ...

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Be Careful Who You Ride With