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Royal Blood’s Debut Album Out Now

Royal Blood - Publicity Photo
Royal Blood
releases its long-awaited self-titled debut album today (August 25), following up its EP "Out of the Black," whose title track was a summer hit and is also featured on the album.

Singer-bassist Mike Kerr tells us that the British duo wants the album to be a diverse introduction to the group rather than showcase one particular sound:

"The album is basically, it`s a collection of songs we`ve written and recorded from day one...It`s been a real journey making it, and the songs developed, the sounds have developed. I think the most important thing for us was we didn`t want to try, in the sense that we were very aware of everything sounding the same and doing the same thing over and over again. I think it soon became clear that all our focus actually just went on the songwriting. I wasn`t stressing out about how, `Are we `How are we gonna do a ballad?` We just stuck with what we knew and, yeah, I`m really happy with it. There`s songs on there which may take you a bit by surprise, I think, as well, but, yeah, it`s hard to describe."

Royal Blood performed during the weekend at the Reading and Leeds festivals in Great Britain; the duo returns to North America on September 19 for a tour that will mix headlining dates with slots opening for the Pixies