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Weezer’s Drummer Catches Frisbee During Set, Creates Viral Video

LAS VEGAS - OCTOBER 01: Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo performs at the Bare Pool Lounge at The Mirage Hotel & Casino October 1, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
In the long history of bands having items thrown at them mid-set (i.e.-bras, beer bottles, unspeakable bodily fluids), we doubt any incident was as unassumingly awesome as the one that occurred at Weezer’s show a few nights ago.

Captured by a fan and posted to Instagram, watch the video below as Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson catches a Frisbee that was thrown on stage during their performance of “Beverly Hills” all while maintaining the song’s backbeat.

The only thing better than Wilson catching the Frisbee could be Rivers Cuomo’s reaction to the crowd’s seemingly random outburst as a result of the amazing grab.

Of course, now that this video has gone viral, the amount of Frisbees thrown in the direction of Wilson will likely skyrocket.  Here’s hoping no one takes a Frisbee to the head in the near future!