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Lars Playing Defense...Again

More Thoughts on Metallica at Glastonbury


Getting the feeling that Metallica is going to be happy when its Glastonbury Festival appearance is in the rearview mirror?

Drummer Lars Ulrich has again defended the group's upcoming appearance at the prestigious British festival, this time via a video interview with Metal Hammer magazine.

Ulrich -- who Mogwai's Barry Burns slammed as an "unbelievably bad" drummer in a recent interview -- explained that, "Glastonbury, it's like the Holy Grail in England, and obviously we're respectful to that. But if somebody sits there and talks about petitions or what some other guy says, there's a point where it sort of becomes ridiculous. We're fairly thick-skinned and just kind of turn a blind eye to it. But obviously, if Mick Jagger has something to say, or (Arctic Monkeys') Alex Turner, or the very nice guys in Kasabian, who I love, it's cool. But at some point, if some in some other band...It's like, 'Huh? What? Whoa re you?' At some point it becomes a little ridiculous."

In addition to other musicians' comments, Metallica is also the target of an online petition campaign seeking to ban the group from Glastonbury because of frontman James Hetfield's avid interest in big game hunting and his narration of the History channel's new program "The Hunt" about the annual Kodiak bear kill in Alaska.

Metallica is slated to appear June 28 on Glastonbury's main stage.