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Dad In Hot Water For Posting Clip Of Daughter On Stage With FFDP

As legions of hard rockers, metalheads and punks have decided to enter parenthood, rock shows (for some) have become family affairs, and it’s not uncommon to see parents bring their kids to concerts.

There are still some folks that take issue with exposing young children to music containing crude language, and one Florida dad is learning this the hard way after he posted a video to YouTube of his 9 year-old daughter on stage with Five Finger Death Punch.

The video above shows Mark Douglas’s daughter, Olivia, on stage with FFDP’s Ivan Moody, who’s trying to get the young girl to sing the lyrics to “Burn Motherf*cker.”  Olivia doesn’t sing along, but she does look visibly uncomfortable.

Perhaps, she didn’t want to be on stage in front of thousands of people or doesn’t want Moody’s undoubtedly sweaty arm around her. We don’t know for sure…

But what we do know is that local CBS affiliate WINK was outraged by the video, and in their news piece, they included various talking heads saying what Douglas did was “abuse.”

From the WINK video, it sounds like Douglas adores his little girl and would never put her into a dangerous situation, but people look at these situations from very different perspectives.   I'm thinking it could’ve been worse.  They could’ve been at a Justin Bieber show.

What's your take on this?  Abuse?  Or Not?