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Linkin Park Release Lyric Video For “Until It’s Gone”

Linkin Park
have certainly upped the expectations of lyric videos with the release of “Until It’s Gone.”

Typically a form that requires limited production value, “Until It’s Gone” goes all-out and features a man and a woman as they’re running through city streets and alleys in search of one another, while the song’s lyrics appear in various forms, from neon city signs to a smartphone phone screen.

Considering all of the promotional work that has gone into the push of their new album The Hunting Party, it shouldn’t be this surprising that the lyric video for “Until It’s Gone” is so elaborate.  Linkin Park continue to prove that they are always one step ahead of many bands in providing unique and engaging ways for fans to consume their music.  With the album’s release a little over a month away, I can’t wait to see what the band have to offer next.