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Trailer For Cobain Conspiracy Film Online

If you enjoy rock and roll AND conspiracy theories, you should set aside the next four minutes and watch the trailer for “Soaked In Bleach”, an upcoming documentary that argues Kurt Cobain’s death wasn’t a suicide as ruled by the Seattle Police Department.

The film is the brain-child of Tom Grant, a private investigator hired by Courtney Love in 1994 to help track down a “missing” Cobain only to find the Nirvana singer dead days later.

“Soaked In Bleach” explores the much publicized theory that Love had a role in Cobain’s death and how Seattle Police made many errors in the investigation and processing of the Cobain crime scene.  Grant brings in a number of experts and various witnesses that help add fuel to this infamous conspiracy theory fire.

Even though this theory has been discredited many times, we must say the detail and production value is quite impressive.  While the film hasn’t been picked up by a distributer, we figure someone will take the reins, if only to be yet another entity to cash in on Cobain’s death.

If you are interested in learning more about “Soaked In Bleach”, check out the film’s Facebook and Twitter pages.