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Local Music - CHUCK BURNS
CHUCK BURNS is one of those guys that falls into the LOCAL LEGEND category. Having been in Seduce, Speedball, Universal Temple Of Divine Power, The Shaky Jakes, The Meanies, The Skeemin' No Goods (and more) Chuck certainly knows Detroit, music and everything in between. Most recently he has been working on his own stuff and just put out a brand new solo record called GOSSIP IS THE DEVIL'S RADIO. (CD design and artwork by CHOPPER!) When I talked to Chuck about the new record he told me "it's totally local, and since I did everything ON the record, it's completely solo." Meaning Chuck did the guitar, bass, drums, vocals and anything else that you hear on this record. How cool is that? So not only is Chuck Burns a legend, he's also a huge talent. So...I suggest you take a listen and share it with your friends. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO CHUCK BURNS - GOSSIP IS THE DEVIL'S RADIO -NOW!!  
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PISTOL DAY PARADE Members:Dave Fuller, Rob Banks, Guido Johnson, Jason Lollio, Dave Coughlin You've most certainly heard these guys before on WRIF. may have heard the new track BETTER popping up on the air! We've been getting lots of calls about the new tune, so we wanted to make sure that you knew exactly what it was and how to find info on the band! PISTOL DAY PARADE ON FACEBOOK PISTOL DAY PARADE WEBSITE  
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Ghosts of August is a five piece band from right here in the Motor City! Formed in 2007, Ghosts of August have "been working tirelessly" to gather fans and attention...We think they're doing a pretty darn good job! We've been playing this track on the RIFF and A LOT of you have been requesting it!! (Thanks for the feedback!) Band members:Dave Holowchak - VocalsSteven Lee - Guitars/VocalsTerry Freers - BassKenny Lee - DrumsPaul Delmotte - Guitars GHOSTS OF AUGUST - DISEASE See 'em live at The Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac on December 9th! GHOSTS OF AUGUST FACEBOOK PAGE!! CHECK OUT THE GHOSTS OF AUGUST WEBSITE HERE!!  
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Local Music - THE OCTOPUS
The Octopus is a band that has been around Detroit for a while. They went away for a bit, and then they came back. There have been some line-up changes and some slight refinements in the tunes, but each and every time that the front woman, Masha, gets up on the stage and starts belting it out, you know exactly why you're see a bad ass chick rock your face off!!! The band currently features: Masha Marjieh, Joe Frezza (The Wildbunch/early Electric Six), Dale Wilson, Adam Cox (The Dead Bodies) Check em out!! Latest tracks by the_octopus   CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE OCTOPUS' FACEBOOK PAGE!!! (hear tunes, see pics, show dates and more!)       
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THE HANDGRENADES CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT SOME OF THEIR TUNES AND SEE WHEN THEY ARE PLAYING! CLICK HERE TO WATCH SOME VIDEOS OF THE HANDGRENADES! “Whoever writes it, sings it.” Listen to The HandGrenades, and you’ll quickly understand. With three contributing songwriters out of a four-man roster, The HandGrenades are a talented bunch. Brothers Andrew & Tom Pawelski, along with Nick Chevillet, take turns sharing lead and backing vocalist duties (along with lead guitar, rhythm guitar, and bass), while Joby Kaslowski provides a consistent backbeat on the drums. If you’re digging a particular tune, be sure to check out who’s singing lead vocals, and you’ll instantly uncover the song’s mastermind. With at least 5 years of songwriting under their belts, Detroit natives Andrew Pawelski and Nick Chevillet began to look for others to join in making music. In 2007, the elder Pawelski brother, Tom, joined the duo and shortly after, they snatched up the talents of drummer, Joby Kaslowski. This foursome quickly became known to local audiences as The HandGrenades. Boasting a polished sound, with no shortage of catchy hooks, it’s not surprising that The HandGrenades cite The British Invasion as a primary influence. Additionally, prominent two and three-part ...
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