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Ladies and gents, meet Foxy Shazam! They are like Queen meets Andrew WK plus a splash of The Darkness with the facial hair of Captain hook.... And this is the new video for their song, HOLY TOUCH! Also...I hear these guys are just BONKERS in concert!! Watch this live video for proof: CHECK OUT MORE ABOUT FOXY SHAZAM ON THEIR WEBSITE HERE!CHECK OUT THE FOXY SHAZAM FACEBOOK PAGE HERE!
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Serj Tankian (of System Of A Down) has a new solo album out called "HARAKIRI"...and this is the first track off the've heard it on the you can watch the official video... WARNING...contains strong unedited language.  
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HOT WATER MUSIC - EXISTER Hot Water Music is back...they have a new record called "EXISTER" coming out on May 15th...the first single of of the album is called "STATE OF GRACE" and to be honest I've been kind of stuck in a "K-hole" all day listening to it on repeat. It's really, really, really good! Take a listen for yourself: I've been a big fan of Hot Water Music for many I'm stoked for this new record...check it out if you get a chance! I think you'll dig it!FOR MORE ON HOT WATER MUSIC CLICK HERE FOR THIER WEBSITE.CLICK HERE FOR THE HOT WATER MUSIC FACEBOOK PAGE.  
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Slash has been a busy dude as of recent, it seems like every where I turn there is more Guns N Roses member news (which is totally a good thing)...fortunately for everyone, we get a little break from Rock Hall rumors because this one is concrete...I'm stoked to say that one of the things that Slash has been working on is a BRAND NEW RECORD! The next record from the guitar virtuoso is entitled "APOCALYPTIC LOVE" and features Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators. It will be in stores on May 22nd...make sure you tune into the WRIF to hear the new track "YOUR'RE A LIE" and check out a behind the scenes Making of Apocalyptic Love below for the inside scoop! And click here for tour dates to see SLASH live...(No Detroit date right now, but there is a Grand Rapids date if you want to ROAD TRIP!) VISIT the Official SLASH Website by clicking HERE.
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ELECTRIC SIX Detroit natives ELECTRIC SIX have a new record out! It's called Heartbeats and Brainwaves on Metropolis Records. (It's no secret that Electric Six is one of my favorite it's also probably not a shocker that I'm really stoked about the new record and want YOU to be as well!) Heartbeats and Brainwaves is the 8th studio album by the hilariously awesome sextet and it delves a smidge into a different territory without alienating the core fans that freak out when the WHITE WOLF plays the opening riff of "Gay Bar" at a live show. What do I mean, you ask? Well, the new record is more synthesizer and keyboard based...BUT it was actually recorded and produced by the aforementioned WHITE WOLF (Johnny Na$hinal) you really can't go wrong there. ANNNDD of course there is still plenty of drums, guitars, bass and weirdness. (The latter, of course, can be attributed to the one and only DICK VALENTINE - lead singer extraordinaire, who both captivates and cracks me up EVERY SINGLE TIME I see them live...and mind you, I've seen them live A LOT!) There are 14 tracks on the new record and some of the highlights include: French ...
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