Win a $500 RTW Home Depot gift-card!

Wayne County Treasurer Raymond Wojtowicz has announced the September 2013 property auction schedule.  The auction will feature more than 20,000 residential and commercial properties and vacant lots. 

Interested bidders must register online between August 20 and September 13 at

There will be no auction activity held at the Treasurer’s Office.  Bidding will begin as low as $2,000.

WRIF is offering the chance to win a $500 RTW Home Depot gift-card for checking this page out! Enter to win below:

Parcel: 02002550-5 Parcel: 04000793 Parcel: 08003017 Parcel: 08010597 Parcel: 12004803 Parcel: 13000517.001 Parcel: 14004928 Parcel: 16008989 Parcel: 16021050 Parcel: 17000053 Parcel: 18012796 Parcel: 18017093 Parcel: 21005070 Parcel: 21023383 Parcel: 21073345 Parcel: 21075395 Parcel: 53013020114000
Actual properties offered subject to removal from auction. Properties sold as-is.

Sorry, This contest is unavailable.