Win Cash for Lunch from the Michigan Lottery!

To celebrate the Michigan Lottery's new Cash for Life Instant games, we're giving you the chance to win lunch at some of the area's best eateries. You will also receive Cash for Life Instant tickets, for a chance to win up to $4,000 a week for life!

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Play the new “Cash For Life” Instant games from the Michigan Lottery.  There are four different tickets – from a dollar up to ten dollars.  Each ticket is loaded with cash prizes, with a chance to win from $400, up to $4,000 a week for the rest of your life.  Cash for fun, travel, adventure... you name it! 

With up to 14 ways to win, and over seven million dollars in total cash prizes, “Cash For Life” could be the chance you’ve been dreaming of.  Turn in Instant into a lifetime – with “Cash For Life” Instant games, only from the Michigan Lottery.

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